A Manual for Composing Argumentative Essay Topics for High School

Argumentative essays are a popular assignment given in high school where students can exhibit their abilities to present their opinion on a topic an and convince their audience that their opinion is correct or more apt than another. In other words it’s a way to argue that one is right on a particular topic. The hardest part, often, is coming up with a topic that is interesting and presents an opportunity to write a compelling essay on. Here are some tips from homework help service Myhomeworkdone.comfor composing great argumentative essay topics:

  • Look at the News for Current Events: The first place to look when composing an argumentative essay topic is in the news stories you hear about on the radio, television or on the internet. Consider things like the ongoing conflict in the Middle East, concerns about the spread of Ebola, or the increase in domestic violence cases among pro athletes. All of these are great topics and there are plenty more to be found in the news each day.
  • Talk to Your Friends About Things That Matter to You: Paying attention to the conversations you have with friends will reveal a number of potential topics for you to compose a great argumentative essay. Are teachers assigning too much homework? Are you concerned about the high cost of prom? Will your favorite team manage to make playoffs or play in the championship game this year? These are all excellent questions that could be turned into argumentative essays.
  • Consider Questions Around Your Daily Life: Why does school start so early? Why is attendance mandatory? Why are you given a dress code? Chances are that you aren’t the only person considering these questions. Make an argument for or against any of these topics and you’ll have your audience’s attention in no time. Incorporate some of your peers’ cases either for or against and you’ll have a well-rounded essay likely to earn you a top grade.
  • Make a List of Things You Would Change About Your Day: The easiest way to compose an argumentative essay is to come up with a list of things you would (or wouldn’t) change about your day. School lunches. Homework. Curfew. All of these make for excellent topics you can base an entire argumentative essay one. It’s all about having an opinion then finding evidence in support of your case. Just practicing this exercise will make you realize there are hundreds of things you can write about.