Creating A Strong Introduction For An Essay About Friendship Betrayal

The subject of friendship betrayal can be highly emotional, particularly if the writer has experienced such a relationship tragedy. If you are asked to write an essay on such a falling out, it is understandable you may be including some of your own personal feelings. However, you have to be careful not to allow that to destroy the Introduction. You have to do some objective investigation into friendship betrayal, and be able to arouse the interest of the reader. The Introduction is at the heart of the material, and you should create a strong one. Here are some ideas.

  • Concentrate On the Hook. This is what literally grabs the attention of the person who is reading your essay. Research you have done will allow you to prepare some fairly good opening words. Think of an illustration or perhaps an analogy which will cause the reader to become curious.
  • Do an Artful Transition. You’re going to be moving from the opening sentence to the reason, or thesis, of the entire content. This should be a very logical movement that still keeps the interest of the reader.
  • Present The Thesis. This is the reason for even bothering to write the essay. If you are going to use strong and decisive words, this is where you do it. Clarity is going to be critical and there should be no hesitation. This is where you get a firm commitment from the reader. This individual will make a decision to finish the essay based on the thesis which was presented.

The choice of words will also be essential. You have to be able to compose with nouns and verbs people clearly understand. Too often people will write in rambling sentences, thinking this makes them appear thoughtful and intellectual. That does not happen. Instead, the Introduction becomes a tedious piece to look at and no one will do that for very long.

This type of a subject presents of good challenge for you. You have to wait personal emotions against objective facts. You have a point of view that you must persuade somebody to accept. That can be done with very skillful use of words and phrases. Your primary task is to get the reader past the opening sentences into the body. Once there, you can present your arguments and facts to support your position. With just a few sentences in the opening of your paper, you will capture your audience or cause them to turn away. Take the time necessary to do a good Introduction.