Useful Instructions For Creating A Persuasive Essay About Smoking

So you’ve been asked to come up with a persuasive essay for your homework this term? Well, find out here how to come up with a persuasive argument.


The first thing that you need to do is to research smoking. Find out about the pros and cons of smoking, as this will allow you to write an argument. Whether you are writing for or against smoking, you will need to reference both sides of the argument. You should try to find statistics and facts, as this will help you to build an argument.

Choose A Side

If you’ve only been told to come up with a persuasive thesis about smoking, you will need to choose a stance to take in the article. Your findings will come in useful in choosing the angle of your essay, as you will be able to look at your list of pros and cons. By the time you have finished doing some research, you will have found the side that you feel most strongly about. If you didn’t have much of an opinion before, your list of positive and negative points about smoking would give you an indication of how easy it will be to argue for one side or the other.

Use Emotive Language

When you are talking about something persuasively, you need to use emotive language to win your audience’s support. When you are discussing your points, you should appeal to the reader’s emotions so that you can change their mind or confirm the thoughts that they may already have.

Stay On Topic

When you’re writing any piece of writing, whether you are a freelance writer or if you’re a college student writing your end of term dissertation, you will need to make sure that you stick to the topic. Remember that you are talking about smoking, and it’s impacts. Only include things in your dissertation that are relevant to the topic.

If you follow this advice when you do your homework, you will be on the right track with coming up with an effective and thought-provoking essay. If your end-of-course mark depends on this, you should make sure that you leave yourself plenty of time to do research and ensure that you proof read your work once you’re done. You can check how persuasive your dissertation is by getting other people to read it before you submit it. Ask for constructive feedback so that you can make improvements to your thesis.